Handmade in Germany

Vizoury designs and produces the world’s most exclusive dumbbells with our experienced partners in the South of Germany. Together we guarantee to focus on the highest manufacturing quality and your experience of nothing but true luxury – it’s a functional piece of art. After transferring the design to technical drawings, our engineers will create the distinctive form of the dumbbells from pure stainless steel through a special rotation process. Exceptional manual high-gloss polish methods aim to emphasize the prominent design and exclusive coatings with the rarest metals ensure precious-looking colors guaranteeing a stable value over time. To make your dumbbells even more unique, you may choose from premium quality diamonds which will be hand-cut and adjusted manually according to the finest jewelry traditions – with ultimate devotion and absolute precision.

Pure Aesthetics

The beauty of a sparkling diamond is an expression of ultimate luxury. Perfect the exceptional and powerful shape of your dumbbells with flawless diamonds set by hand and enjoy immaculate aesthetics while getting in shape yourself. We exclusively choose brilliant-cut diamonds of the highest gemstone quality which are meticulously selected by color and perfectly aligned for a beautiful and harmonious ensemble. The artful composition of distinctive shapes and extraordinary materials outshines the rest and will enchant you with all its facets.

Feel Perfection

Not only our gemstones do undergo a piece by piece quality control, but also all other parts on our production route. The composition of the most precious and, at the same time, most durable materials imaginable sets a new standard among luxury goods. Pure highest-grade and food-safe stainless steel guarantees long-lasting beauty for generations to come. Innovative coating technologies with fine gold, rose gold or ruthenium highlight the exclusivity of each single dumbbell and let them stand out from any object you can dream of. Last but not least, our arrangement of carefully selected flawless diamonds gives your unique pieces a magical attraction that is irresistible. If your hands can resist, just leave your dumbbell pair in the custom-made box of pure walnut wood and experience their beauty with all your other senses.