Design your masterpiece

Express your identity in the most special way by designing your own masterpieces. It will be our pleasure to fulfill your special wishes. Be inspired by the options outlined below and let us know what your perfect dumbbells will look like.



You may decide on weight and polish of your personal dumbbells as well as individual engravings:

Weights: 2 – 20 kg; Polish: High-gloss, matt; more options and engravings upon request



Select from a huge range of surface coatings for your dumbbells and create your personal, precious-looking color:

24 carat fine gold, 24 carat rose gold, ruthenium; more options upon request



Choose an arrangement of your favored diamonds. Experience luxury in its most authentic form – quality without compromise:

Colors, sizes, cuttings available upon request



For storage and presentation purposes you will find your uniquely designed dumbbell pairs displayed in a handmade and customized precious wood showcase. The exceptionally wear-resistant and distinctively grained material has remarkable durability as well as timeless elegance.

Walnut wood, cherry wood, bamboo; more options upon request